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BookmakerInside is an exclusive members-only high rollers soccer betting tips handicapping service, managed by one of Macau's most feared and influential underground soccer bookmaking syndicates. The center of Asia's soccer betting industry, Macau is the undisputed "Motherland Of All Gamblers". With their integrated and highly sophisticated underground network of soccer syndicates, they are right at the top for manipulating soccer games results all over Asia and Europe. Combined with a strong network of syndicates in Hong Kong and Shenzhen (China), the trio forms the Golden Triangle of Soccer Betting in Asian Handicaps.

About Us is a website developed and manage by a company in Macau. The company has been providing soccer betting tips since year 2011. The company been successful delivering a consistent betting tips since it established with their network.Many people before joining us would ask why should i believe in you by paying to get to know which team to bet on. We usually never try to convince any member, we let them make their decision their self. If you are asking us where our tips came from we can tell you that all tips we provide is inside source from the network we build al these years. We have total of 30 people at the moment in all different major Sportsbook in the world. All these people is the one daily sending us the information we need to generate the tips we provide daily.


Before you getting to know what services we provide we need to tell you that all statement, perfomance records and data in this website is 100% genuine. We joined a monitoring services on December 2013 just to get all our records monitored. Below is what you will get by becoming our members. Depends on the subscription you will get the features services. If you need any extra information please contact us.

  • Providing accurate Asian Handicap betting tips
  • Providing accurate Fixed Odd Betting Tips
  • Providing correct score betting tips
  • All perfomance 100% genuine monitoring by thrid party
  • All services come with 100% winning guaranteed with replacement
  • 24 hours customer support to reply all members email
  • Free bankroll management advise
  • Free sportsbook betting management for bulk purchas